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  • Numerical Methods for Laplace Transform InversionNumerical Methods for Laplace Transform Inversion
    Alan M. Cohen

    This book gives background material on the theory of Laplace transforms, together with a fairly comprehensive list of methods that are available at the current time.

  • Moment Analysis for Subsurface Hydrologic ApplicationsMoment Analysis for Subsurface Hydrologic Applications
    Rao S. Govindaraju, Bhabani S. Das

    This book deals with the concept of moments, and how they find application in subsurface hydrologic problems-particularly those dealing with solute transport.

  • Convexity and Optimization in Banach SpacesConvexity and Optimization in Banach Spaces
    Viorel Barbu, Teodor Precupanu

    An updated and revised edition of the 1986 title Convexity and Optimization in Banach Spaces, this book provides a self-contained presentation of basic results of the theory of convex sets and functions in infinite-dimensional spaces.

  • The Volume of Convex Bodies and Banach Space GeometryThe Volume of Convex Bodies and Banach Space Geometry
    Gilles Pisier

    A self-contained presentation of results relating the volume of convex bodies and Banach space geometry.

  • Lipschitz AlgebrasLipschitz Algebras
    Nik Weaver

    This book gives a comprehensive treatment of (what is currently known about) the beautiful theory of these algebras.

  • Applications of Fourier Transforms to Generalized FunctionsApplications of Fourier Transforms to Generalized Functions
    M. Rahman

    In this computer age, information science plays a very important role and the Fourier transform is extremely significant in deciphering obscured information to be made understandable. The book contains six chapters and three appendices.

  • Analog and Digital Signals and SystemsAnalog and Digital Signals and Systems
    R. K. Rao Yarlagadda

    This book presents a systematic, comprehensive treatment of analog, discrete signal analysis and synthesis and an introduction to analog communication theory.

  • Mobius Inversion in PhysicsMobius Inversion in Physics
    Nanxian Chen

    This book attempts to bridge the gap between the principles of pure mathematics and the applications in physical science.

  • Introduction to Operator Space TheoryIntroduction to Operator Space Theory
    Gilles Pisier

    An introduction to the theory of operator spaces, emphasising applications to C*-algebras.

  • Proceedings of the Fourth SIAM International Conference on Data MiningProceedings of the Fourth SIAM International Conference on Data Mining
    Michael W. Berry

    This is reflected in the talks by the four keynote speakers who discuss data usability issues in systems for data mining in science and engineering, issues raised by new technologies that generate biological data, ways to find complex …